November 28, 2013

There's always one...

... who comes late, already drunk but still brings a bottle. Has low self-esteem and feels he's owed the same appreciation as "everyone else" but meaning the absolute top of the field.

April 18, 2013

Girl with shoulder-dragon

Work process for an unfinished painting.

April 06, 2013

Illustration Friday: Urban

La Bruja: I wanted to explore different materials and at the same time try my hand at genre painting. So here is an Argentinian witch protector of the city. That's a giant llama fetus stick if you were wondering.

I started this on the iPad in Sketch Club but moved to Photoshop when I ran out of resolution and didn't want to compromise the size of the end result.

Work in progress images

February 12, 2013

Luova lauantai - Hylätty

Aiheen pitäisi itse asiassa olla monikossa, mutta otin tässä suhteessa vapauksia.

February 09, 2013

IF - Storm

An illustration from this month's Kuluttaja magazine. The working title loosely translates to: "VOD storms the living room". Very fun job and an excellent magazine!

Link to the Kuluttaja magazine webpage

January 12, 2013

Luova Lauantai - Aika

Tämä liittyy aikaan monella tavalla - sekä kuvan sisäisesti, että suhteessa tekijään ja katsojaan. Tein sen yhden työkalun tekniikkakokeiluna ja osallistuin sillä myös sketch Clubin haasteeseen "Panda".

November 24, 2012

Luova Lauantai: Enkeli

Quick Sketch for a daily challenge on Sketch Club (Adventure Time) and for Luova Lauantai.