September 11, 2007

Kattopeikko 10 ja 11/16

Eksyksissä metsässä ja keijuhäät.

Lost in the woods and the fairy wedding.


Bernardo Díaz Carrizo said...

No conocia tu trabajo y me gustó mucho.....el comic está genial.

Rrramone said...


Chris Howard said...

Beautiful work!

L. A. Stern said...

the wedding is nice, but "lost in the woods" is outstanding! Really beautiful and compelling!


Samuli S. said...

Bernardo: Muchas gracias! No comprendo todo, pero está muy simpatico!

L.A.Stern: The "lost in the woods"-picture is one of my favourites and the wedding picture is my bane... I could never get it right!

And thanks for your kind words, everyone!

Emila Yusof said...

Wow! Beautiful illustrations! Magical!

Michelle said...

These are wonderful!! Excellent work!